Helping Colleges and Universities Help Their Faculty Transition to Retirement

TIAA-CREF Institute Fellows Symposium
TIAA-CREF Headquarters
New York, NY

October 2006 |


This symposium provided a forum for TIAA-CREF Institute Fellows and TIAA-CREF leadership to interact regarding the challenges institutions face in terms of managing the flow of their faculty workforce towards retirement. It also examined the products, services, information and advice that individuals need as they approach, enter and progress through retirement so that they are comfortable and confident with the decision to retire. The program was structured as a dialogue among the attendees, with opening presentations to motivate the discussions.

Opening presentations were made by:

  • Dr. Charles E. Phelps, Provost and Professor of Political Science and of Economics, University of Rochester, on Issues and Challenges Faced by Higher Education Leadership.
  • Dr. Robert L. Clark, Professor of Business Management and Economics, North Carolina State University, on Mechanisms to Manage the Faculty Workforce.
  • Dr. Annamaria Lusardi, Professor of Economics, Dartmouth College, on Product Design to Insure Retirement Income Security.

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