Seeking Remedies to the Retiree Health Care Challenge

TIAA-CREF Institute Fellows Symposium
TIAA-CREF Headquarters
New York, New York

November 2006 |


The diagnosis for funding retiree health care today is challenging. Liabilities associated with providing a post-retirement health care benefit to employees, coupled with deficient personal savings to cover spiraling health care costs in retirement, continue to be major concerns for many employers and their employees.

This TIAA-CREF Institute Symposium provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and potential solutions for dealing with these issues. The program was designed primarily for college and university business and financial officers and benefits directors who are decision makers on retiree health care benefits issues for their institutions. The symposium featured interactive sessions with industry experts and thought leaders on various dimensions of retiree health care, including:

  • Benefit plan obligations and the impact of FASB/GASB reporting requirements
  • The impact of benefit structure and funding levels on ratings by credit agencies
  • Current funding options
  • Effective approaches to employee education
  • Strategies for benefit design/redesign

In addition, this day-long symposium included case-study panels and networking opportunities, allowing the opportunity to learn from other institutions’ experiences.

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