A Building Expertise Web Conference: "Making Retirement Income Last a Lifetime"

Web Presentation

February 2003 |

This live, one-hour web conference, presented by Raymond Schmierer and moderated by Michele Davis, focuses on the need to ensure and maximize retirement income for life. The presentation examines various asset allocation portfolios and the potential for systematic distributions from these portfolios to deplete assets before death. It also explores whether and how the addition of a life annuity helps mitigate the risk of outliving one's assets.

Intended primarily for benefits professionals, this presentation will enhance one's understanding of annuities and how they work and will provide you with information to help employees concerned about their income in retirement.

John Ameriks, TIAA-CREF Institute senior research fellow conducted the research supporting this presentation. Both the complete study as well as a summary article of the research (PDF) is available on this web site.

The supporting slides (PDF) used for this presentation are available for your review.

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