Web Conference - "Trends and Issues in Recruiting and Retaining Women and Minority Faculty"

May 2005 |

Demand is growing for institutions where the faculty reflects the increasing diversity of the student population. Implementing strategies for recruitment and retention to enhance faculty diversity is particularly important now, when a generational wave of faculty hiring nationwide is upon us. Institutional commitment to a diverse faculty calls for leadership at all levels of the academic and administrative team.

The TIAA-CREF Institute, the American Council on Education, and NACUBO extended an invitation to join our panel of experts for their discussion of demographic trends among women and minority faculty members -- problems, progress, and promise for the future. This was overview of academic research and practical applications intended to help institutions revitalize their outreach to women and faculty candidates of color. Topics included:

  • The current demographic landscape
  • Barriers to successful female and minority faculty retention and advancement
  • Strategies institutions are using to recruit and retain underrepresented faculty
  • Policies and programs that encourage career satisfaction and professional development
  • Administrative cultures that foster diverse hiring
  • Implications if current trends persist.

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