Fellows Program


The TIAA-CREF Institute Fellows Program creates alliances with prominent scholars and senior higher education leaders who work with the TIAA-CREF Institute to examine strategic issues, conduct objective research and help inform decision-making relevant to lifelong financial security and the business of higher education.

The Fellows Program is integral to the TIAA-CREF Institute and includes more than 60 academic researchers and senior college and university education leaders.

Fellows are nationally prominent thought leaders experienced in issues of importance to TIAA-CREF and those we serve. Through this community of experts, the TIAA-CREF Institute builds relationships, helps set direction and informs product and service development.

Fellows help keep the TIAA-CREF Institute and those we serve "stay ahead of the curve" by identifying issues and opportunities and uncovering ways to address real world problems.

A Select Membership

Membership in the TIAA-CREF Institute Fellows Program is by invitation and limited to senior college and university leadership and esteemed scholars with interests in research and policy issues related to lifelong financial security and the business of higher education.

Areas of focus include:

  • Employer-sponsored retirement plan design, management and funding
  • Retirement planning and education, and wealth management
  • Funding retiree healthcare
  • Faculty recruitment and retention and other academic workforce issues
  • Strategic management and leadership in higher education

The Role of a Fellow

Fellows partner with the TIAA-CREF Institute to:

  • Conduct TIAA-CREF Institute sponsored research to advance knowledge on financial security and higher education
  • Identify topics for future research
  • Prepare reports examining issues of importance to the TIAA-CREF Institute and those we serve
  • Help plan and participate in the TIAA-CREF Institute conferences, symposia and other events
  • Serve as judges for TIAA-CREF Institute sponsored awards

Fellows serve for a minimum of two years and are appropriately credited and acknowledged for any work they do on behalf of the TIAA-CREF Institute.

By actively participating in this way, Fellows advance their own thought leadership positions, share ideas, learn from each other and from the TIAA-CREF, and provide objective thinking on relevant issues that benefit those served by TIAA-CREF and the TIAA-CREF Institute.

The TIAA-CREF Institute Fellows Brochure

Fellow Testimonials

University of Virginia,
TIAA-CREF Institute Fellow,  

“The Fellows Program has helped me consider issues on my  campus with a fresh perspective. The diversity of the membership stimulates new ideas and contributes to a broad range of solutions for higher education.”


James P. Mcintyre Professor of Economics,
Boston College,
TIAA-CREF Institute Fellow

“The Fellows Program is a very effective way for me to connect with the top pension and retirement researchers in the country. Discussions are extremely focused and policy relevant.”

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