March 2007


TIAA-CREF, the leading provider of retirement savings products and services in the academic, medical and cultural fields, announced today that Dr. David Richardson will join the TIAA-CREF Institute team.

Dr. Richardson will advance the TIAA-CREF Institute’s goal of building knowledge and developing resources around individual and institutional financial needs.

“Dr. Richardson brings deep knowledge and broad experience related to household financial security, which will support TIAA-CREF’s focus on helping our clients to and through retirement,” said Madeleine d’Ambrosio, Executive Director of the TIAA-CREF Institute. “He will serve as the Institute's resident expert on financial security products and strategies and will contribute greatly to our efforts to align knowledge and research with the practical needs and goals of our clients. His role will include identifying research needs and coordinating research initiatives, authoring Institute publications, and developing the TIAA-CREF Institute Series on Financial Security.”

Dr. David Richardson

Dr. Richardson’s background includes both applied academic research and public policy work that makes him ideally suited for his new role. Throughout 2006 and up to the present, Dr. Richardson served as a Senior Economist on the White House Council of Economic Advisors. The role of the CEA is to provide the President with objective economic analysis and advice on the development and implementation of a wide range of economic policy issues. Since 2002 and also during his CEA assignment, Dr. Richardson was Assistant Professor and New York Life Chair in Risk Management and Insurance at Georgia State University in Atlanta. He has previously served as Economist with the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Tax Policy, Assistant Professor at Davidson College, Research Associate at the Center for Risk Management and Insurance Research, and Teaching Fellow at Boston College.

Dr. Richardson’s publications, presentations and teaching fields cover a range of topics, including pensions, health and welfare plans, individual retirement and financial planning, Social Security and Medicare reform, and tax policy.

Dr. Richardson is a graduate of the University of Georgia and holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Boston College.

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