February 2008


The TIAA-CREF Institute has released a new book entitled Transformational Change in Higher Education: Positioning Colleges and Universities for Future Success (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2007). The book is based on a national conference of campus leaders convened by the TIAA-CREF Institute to address the management of transformational change by campus leaders as a key element of institutional success.

The book is co-edited by Ronald G. Ehrenberg, TIAA-CREF Institute Fellow, and Director of the Cornell Higher Education Research Institute at Cornell University and Madeleine d’Ambrosio, Executive Director, TIAA-CREF Institute. “The TIAA-CREF Institute is pleased to offer this book and other resources in our Series on Higher Education to support strategic thinking and decision making by higher education leaders,” said Ms. d’Ambrosio. “Our goal is to deepen knowledge and advance the dialogue about issues of critical importance to the ongoing vitality of American colleges and universities.”

Contributors to the volume are distinguished higher education researchers and policymakers who were asked to summarize a conference session and provide their own perspective on the issues that the session raised. Chapters explore the role of entrepreneurial leaders and their interactions with stakeholders such as trustees and the public; strengthening the academic presidency; financing institutional operations; and changing student access through strategic pricing. The book also delves into the pressures associated with private fund raising by colleges, athletics, and other campus issues that impact important decisions and strategies that add to the complexity of modern collegiate leadership.

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