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Mar 2013
Retirement Plans, Policies and Practices in Higher Education

    Paul J. Yakoboski
    Senior Economist
    TIAA-CREF Institute

    Valerie Martin Conley
    Professor and Chair, Counseling and Higher Education
    Director, Center for Higher Education
    Ohio University
    TIAA-CREF Institute Fellow

Mar 2013
Issue #106
GASB 45 and the Florida Public School System: Impact, Implications, and Possible Solutions to the Unfunded Liability Problem

    Dr. Patty Born
    Florida State University

    Dr. Randy Dumm
    Florida State University

    Scott B. Clark, AAI
    Florida State University

Dec 2009
Meeting Health Care Expenses in Retirement: How Ready Are Near-Retirees?

    Paul J. Yakoboski
    Principal Research Fellow
    TIAA-CREF Institute 

Dec 2008
Trends in Health Care Spending and Health Insurance

    David P. Richardson
    Principal Research Fellow
    TIAA-CREF Institute

Mar 2008
Medicare Reform: Issues and Implications for Retiree Health Insurance

    Bradley Herring, Ph.D.
    Johns Hopkins University

Nov 2006
The Retiree Health Care Challenge

    Prepared by Hewitt Associates

May 2006
Reforming Retiree Benefits: Recent Changes in the University of Pennsylvania's Retiree Medical Plan

    Olivia S. Mitchell, University of Pennsylvania
    Elenita Bader, University of Pennsylvania
    Jack Heuer, University of Pennsylvania

Jul 2005
Options and Alternatives to Fund Retiree Health Care Expenditures

    Paul Fronstin, EBRI and TIAA-CREF Institute Fellow
    Paul Yakoboski, TIAA-CREF Institute

Jul 2005
Retiree Health Care: Individuals Picking Up Bigger Tab

    Marilyn Moon, American Institutes for Research and TIAA-CREF Institute Fellow

Sep 2004
Issue # 81
The Outlook Of Retiree Health Benefits

    Sylvester J. Schieber, Watson Wyatt Worldwide and TIAA-CREF Institute Fellow

Apr 2004
Apr 2004
Institutional Factors and the Future of Retiree Health Plans

    Sylvester J. Schieber, Watson Wyatt Worldwide

Apr 2002
Issue # 72
The Adequacy of Life Insurance

    Jagadeesh Gokhale, Ph.D.
    Laurence J. Kotikoff, Boston University

Mar 2000
Issue # 63
Financing Long-Term Care: Needs, Attitudes, Current Insurance Products, and Policy Innovations

    Mark J. Warshawsky, TIAA-CREF Institute
    Lee Granza, TIAA-CREF
    Anna Madamba, TIAA-CREF

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