Regenerating the Faculty Workforce: A Significant Leadership Challenge and a Public Policy Concern

Valerie Martin Conley, Director, Center for Higher Education and Associate Professor of Counseling and Higher Education at Ohio University; TIAA-CREF Institute Fellow 

February 2008 | Issue # February, 2008

Changing student characteristics require that higher education not only replace current faculty as they retire, but also regenerate the faculty workforce for the 21st century. At its core– regenerating the faculty workforce will require renewed attention and investment in faculty, beyond the traditional faculty development focus, and an understanding of the complexities associated with faculty work life. Regenerating the faculty workforce demands a fresh look at the professoriate and the importance of academic freedom and tenure to a culture of continuous innovation and quality improvement. What is needed to convince policymakers that the investments in support of faculty work and tenure are worthwhile: a better understanding regarding the work faculty members do and the outcomes of faculty work.

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