Policy Briefs

Briefs not published in one of the Institute’s publications round out the Institute’s research library are also available online. These include conference, symposium or forum briefs, awards presentations and briefs resulting from Institute Grants.


Recent Articles

Jul 2011
Early Retirement: The Dawn of a New Era?

    Joseph Quinn
    Boston College

    Kevin Cahill
    Boston College

    Michael Giandrea
    U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Feb 2011
Reforming K-12 Educator Pensions: A Labor Market Perspective

    Robert Costrell
    University of Arkansas

    Michael Podgursky
    University of Missouri – Columbia
    Fellow, George W. Bush Institute
    Southern Methodist University

Feb 2011
Misconceptions About Health Insurance Markets And Health Reform

    Katherine Baicker
    Harvard University

    Amitabh Chandra
    Harvard University

Mar 2010
Missing the Mark: Employment Related Risks to the Retirement Security of Older Workers

    Jason S. Seligman
    John Glenn School of Public Affairs, The Ohio State University
    TIAA-CREF Institute Fellow

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