Premium Allocations and Accumulations in TIAA-CREF -- Trends in Participant Choices among Asset Classes and Investment Accounts

John Ameriks, Francis P. King, and Mark J. Warshawsky, Corporate Research, with the assistance of Shaya Stern, Actuarial Technical, TIAA-CREF

July 1997 | Issue # 51

The choices that TIAA-CREF participants have been making in their allocation of premiums to TIAA and to CREF accounts are traced in this issue. The premium allocation choices are examined in each year from 1986 through 1996, a period during which six new CREF accounts and one new TIAA account were added to participants' investment portfolio options. The issue also examines the patterns of participant accumulations over the period 1992-1996 according to the four basic TIAA-CREF asset classes: guaranteed, equity, fixed income, and real estate.

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