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Trends and Issues, written for an educated, non-technical audience, provides information to help readers make better financial and strategic decisions for themselves and their families. Recent titles include:

  • Engaging New Hires To Invest in Their Financial Security
  • A Paycheck for Life: The Role of Annuities in Your Retirement Portfolio
  • Adjusting Retirement Goals and Savings Behavior: The Role of Financial Education

Recent Articles

Aug 2013
The Effect of Lifetime Income Disclosures on Retirement Savings

    Gopi Shah Goda
    Stanford University and NBER

    Colleen F. Manchester
    University of Minnesota

    Aaron J. Sojourner
    University of Minnesota and IZA

Jun 2013
Public Sector Pension Reform: Addressing Pressing Fiscal Realities from a Long-Term Perspective

    Thomas L. Gais
    Director, The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government
    The State University of New York

    Paul J. Yakoboski
    Senior Economist, TIAA-CREF Institute

Apr 2013
Retirement Confidence in the Education Sector: Comparisons by Race

    Wilhelmina A. Leigh
    Senior Research Associate, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
    TIAA-CREF Institute Fellow

Mar 2013
Retirement Plans, Policies and Practices in Higher Education

    Paul J. Yakoboski
    Senior Economist
    TIAA-CREF Institute

    Valerie Martin Conley
    Professor and Chair, Counseling and Higher Education
    Director, Center for Higher Education
    Ohio University
    TIAA-CREF Institute Fellow

Feb 2013
Designing and Framing Annuities

    John Beshears
    Stanford University and NBER

    James J. Choi
    Yale University and NBER

    David Laibson
    Harvard University and NBER

    Brigitte C. Madrian
    Harvard University and NBER

    Stephen P. Zeldes
    Graduate School of Business, Columbia University and NBER

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