Managing Risks In A Market Meltdown

Paul J. Yakoboski
Principal Research Fellow
TIAA-CREF Institute

June 2009 |

The current economic downturn and dramatic drops in financial markets have created new challenges in higher education, both for individuals and campus leaders. The TIAA-CREF Institute brought together senior administrators in higher education, leading researchers, and the senior leadership of TIAA-CREF to discuss addressing the challenges, in particular issues related to risk management in individuals’ retirement portfolios and managing and facilitating employee retirements. The symposium featured presentations on the impact of the financial markets downturn on retirement savings adequacy, long-horizon predictability of financial markets and the implications for tactical asset allocation, understanding and communicating investment risk, retirement incentive programs in higher education, the need for and use of institutional data for effective management of retirement patterns in higher education, and addressing the non-financial barriers to retirement.

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