Administration Services

TIAA-CREF provides support to your clients for daily administration activities.

  • Secure plan administrator website
    • Convenient online access to data and plan administration services
    • Publications, forms, employee resources and help
    • Plan, regulatory and participant-level reports
  • Dedicated liaison
    • Lead point of contact for administration and recordkeeping support
    • Assists with new plan, product and service implementations
    • Backed by dedicated pay-in and pay-out processing teams
  • Administrator telephone center
    • Representatives have real-time access to your clients' data
    • Assistance with execution of day-to-day tasks
    • Support on TIAA-CREF administrative policies and procedures

Complete Regulatory Compliance
TIAA-CREF's recordkeeping platform, processing standards and trained teams of professionals are ready to meet your client's current and future compliance needs.

Recordkeeping Image - Admin

Compliance Coordinator
Loan and hardship withdrawals are made easy for your clients with TIAA-CREF’s Compliance Coordinator.

Compliance Coordinator Admin

  • Partnership with a leading data aggregation company, Advent Software, Inc.
  • Helps prevent noncompliant transactions before they occur
  • Web-based — all transactions are electronic
  • View individual and aggregated loan and hardship withdrawal limits compliance data across all vendors
  • Verify loan and hardship withdrawal limits compliance through enhanced reporting
  • Open to all vendors
  • Assures data integrity — vendors have access only to information they need and data is used only for compliance-monitoring purposes

View an overview of TIAA-CREF's administrative services

Contact the Consultant Relations Team

Head of Consultant Relations
Tony Cox
770 512-3546

Relationship Manager, Consultant Relations

Nea Martinez
303 607-2822

Pension Consultant Relations
Gina Golson-Nunery - Northeast
215 587-8528

Pension Consultant Relations
Michael J. Holmes - Southeast
770 512-3576

Pension Consultant Relations
Rick Donley - Central
614 659-1051

Pension Consultant Relations
John Middlebrook - West
415 882-3651

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