Audit Support Toolkit

Reference Materials

If your retirement plan is subject to audit, you can find answers to frequently asked questions (PDF), audit support guidelines (see below), request forms and reference materials here.

Audit Support FAQs
Find answers to frequently asked questions (PDF) about first year audits, TIAA-CREF's audit support package, SAS 70, Form 5500 reports and more.

Audit Support Guidelines
Please use this request form when requesting samples for your ERISA audit. Due to the high numbers of clients undergoing the required ERISA plan audit we have established a Standard Audit package in which we will offer samples sizes of 25 plan participants or 10% of the population, per category, whichever is less. Any requests for supporting document in excess of the Standard Offer or outside of the Standard Offer may have a fee associated with fulfilling this request. Our goal is to deliver the supporting documentation in 15 business days. Should you not require supporting documentation in any of the five categories below, please check the box indicating such on the appropriate tab of the request form.

Transfers: For web/phone initiated fund to fund transfers we will provide a copy of the confirmation letter. For transfers in and out of the plan we will provide a copy of the paperwork initiating that transaction.

Distributions: Distributions can be found on the Distribution Report. We will provide copies of the original distribution request paperwork along with a check copy (check payment) or capture of our payment screen (EFT payment).

Enrollments: For individuals enrolled during the Plan Year, we will provide a copy of the original enrollment paperwork for each or if enrolled by paperless methods a verification of the enrollment will be provided.

Loans: Loan activity can be found on the loan activity report. We will provide a copy of the original application.

Allocation Elections: Investment allocations can be derived from the contribution reports. A copy of the last allocation change letter will be provided if an allocation change occurred during the Plan Year.

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