Fund Research

View performance information, distributions, Morningstar ratings and more.

Retirement Investments & IRAs 

Investments offered through employer-sponsored retirement plans.


TIAA and CREF Variable & Traditional Annuity Accounts, Retirement Class Mutual Funds and TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Funds.

Retail Class Mutual Funds 

A family of no-load mutual funds from four major asset classes.

Institutional Class Mutual Funds 

Available for purchase through certain intermediaries affiliated with TIAA-CREF, such as TIAA-CREF Trust Company.

After-Tax Annuities 

Flexible premium deferred variable annuities and a single premium deferred fixed annuity.

Life Insurance 

Intelligent Life Variable Universal Life (VUL), Intelligent Life Survivorship Variable Universal Life (SVUL), Intelligent Life Universal Life (UL) and Intelligent Life Survivorship Universal Life (SUL) Insurance.

529 Plans 

State-sponsored 529 College Savings Plans.

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