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The Resource Center provides access to a variety of support services

Retirement Plans 

Access Retirement Plan Information, and Compliance support, register to become a user of TIAA-CREF's secure Plan Administrator website (PDF), and more.


Access ERISA Information and Additional Guidelines, including reporting and instruction materials for completing Form 5500, information about spousal rights, nondiscrimination, summary plan reports, fiduciary responsibilities, 402(g) monitoring, important deadlines and more.

Secure Access 

If you are a plan administrator at an institution using TIAA-CREF, you can register for Secure Access to the TIAA-CREF Plan Administrator website, where you can administer your important tasks in an environment that is secure, fast and easy to use.


Find and download forms to support plan administration.


Read frequently asked questions about our online security, computer requirements and more. Resolve password-related issues and find out how to update account information in the Getting Started section.

Contact Us 

Ways to contact TIAA-CREF.

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