Employee Services

The ultimate success of your retirement plan depends on employee participation. TIAA-CREF takes seriously the responsibility of engaging and educating your employees to get the most out of their plan and view it as a valuable part of their benefits package. We focus our participant services first on helping your employees understand and appreciate the importance of enrolling in their plan and then ensuring they have the knowledge and confidence to take an active role in managing their accounts to and through retirement.

  • Communication & Education Services – We partner with you to build a strategy that can effectively reach your participants, educate them and drive them to take action.

    TIAA-CREF works closely with you to develop a customized communication and education plan to support your business objectives and employee needs. The plan incorporates a variety of strategies that address the needs of all life and career stages of your employees, as well as the communications preferences you identify as being appropriate for your organization.
  • Advice & Planning Services – TIAA-CREF provides customized, objective financial advice to and through retirement for participants at no additional cost as part of our basic offering.

    Objective investment advice based on employees’ individual needs (including life stage and career stage) is the cornerstone of our suite of advice services. To enhance employees’ retirement readiness, we offer personalized, objective advice on all funds we recordkeep on our platform. This is delivered by noncommissioned advisors and consultants to help ensure your employees’ best interests are always being served.* All employees, regardless of their portfolio size, have the opportunity to receive objective advice from licensed advisors and consultants who understand participants’ individual situations and help them make decisions appropriate for them based on their retirement goals.

    *Our advisors/Individual Consultants receive no commissions. We compensate them through a salary-plus-incentive program that rewards client service as well as financial results.
  • Wealth Management Services – For employees with highly complex needs, our Wealth Management Advisors deliver personalized advice and financial planning in a one-to-one advisory relationship

    Our suite of Wealth Management Services provide comprehensive financial planning, including estate and tax planning at no additional fee, to employees whose needs warrant such services. We also provide trust services and private asset management to individuals who require discretionary management.
  • Online Tools – Our suite of online tools and calculators can help participants determine the best approach to meeting their objectives including savings rates and asset allocation.
  • Individual Financial Services – We offer individual financial services such as IRAs and 529s to help employees build their savings separately from their retirement plan.

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