Investment Services

One of the critical requirements is that you should be prudent in selecting and monitoring investment options for plan assets. Among the specific tasks involved in this are: creating and managing your plan's investment policy statement; designing and reviewing your plan's investment menu; proactive monitoring and documentation of your plan investments' performance; providing appropriate regulatory notices, education and advice to plan participants and ongoing communication to help participants make effective investment decision. We provide an array of services that are specifically designed to help plan sponsors meet their investment-related fiduciary responsibilities.

  • Investment Policy Statement Guidance
    TIAA-CREF can discuss a retirement plan's investment objectives and provide assistance in developing investment processes, including specimen investment policy statements.
  • Investment Menu Construction Services
    TIAA-CREF's Investment Services Group helps plan sponsors develop and evaluate the appropriate investment menu for retirement plans, develop investment review processes and documentation, and monitor investment performance of retirement plans.
  • Investment Reviews
    For clients who have an investment policy statement or those who proactively monitor the investments in their retirement plans, this service provides objective monitoring of investment performance. The review includes all investments TIAA-CREF administers for the plan—both proprietary and nonproprietary, if applicable.

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