Plan Document Services

TIAA-CREF offers various services to help you create draft specimen and prototype plan documents based on your plan type.

  • For 403(b) plans: The IRS issued final 403(b) regulations that require all plans – both ERISA and non- ERISA – to be in writing. TIAA-CREF assists plan sponsors in creating specimen plan documents designed to comply with the final 403(b) IRS regulations and are aligned with TIAA-CREF’s annuity contracts.
  • For qualified retirement plans: All employers who sponsor qualified 401(a) and 401(k) retirement plans are required by the IRS to periodically restate their plan documents with new plan documents that incorporate changes brought about by legislative and regulatory changes. Currently, qualified plan sponsors are required to restate their plans. TIAA-CREF assists plan sponsors with prototype plan documents that have IRS approval and are aligned with TIAA-CREF’s annuity contracts.


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