Investment Products

Our proprietary annuities and core proprietary mutual funds, supplemented by our open architecture platform with access to any NSCC-traded fund, provide you with an extensive array of generally low-cost* investment options suitable for both the accumulation and payout phases of retirement planning. Additionally, our Partner Funds Due Diligence process and best practice guidelines and consulting help you simplify menu construction and communication to your employees.

  • Annuities
  • Proprietary mutual funds
  • Non-proprietary mutual funds
  • Self-directed brokerage option

TIAA-CREF's self-directed brokerage option allows plan participants the ability to access additional investment choices (depending on plan type) such as stocks, bonds and options, exchange-traded funds and FDIC-insured CDs. It also enables the plan sponsor to maintain control over the specific investment options while accommodating the more sophisticated plan participants who request specific options and/or greater choice.

* Morningstar Direct (June 2009) based on Morningstar's expense comparisons by category for mutual funds and variable annuities.

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