Recordkeeping Services

Our streamlined retirement plan platform helps ensure that your plan operations are more efficient by simplifying day-to-day administrative tasks for you and account management tasks for your employees. With an integrated set of services offered through a single point of contact, our web-based processing, reporting and recordkeeping supports single- and multi-vendor plans with exceptional data accuracy that can minimize costly compliance errors.

Enrollment Services — We offer a suite of enrollment services designed to maximize participation and increase contribution rates including Auto Enroll, default enrollment, online enrollment and Auto Save (auto escalation).

  • Online Enrollment and Salary Reduction Management Services
    TIAA-CREF's Online Enrollment Service is the fastest and easiest way to enable employees to enroll in their retirement plan(s). With this service, you also have access to online tools to monitor and track enrollment activity, make individual record changes and check on any missed records.

    TIAA-CREF's Online Salary Deferral Agreement Service allows you to establish an online form for employees to enroll in their employer-sponsored retirement plan. Once the online forms are submitted, you have access to completed agreements from the secure section of the plan administrator website.
  • Auto Enroll
    TIAA-CREF's Auto Enroll service enables you to automatically enroll employees in their voluntary employer-sponsored retirement plans at a default salary deferral rate (e.g., 3% of salary) when employees do not enroll themselves. If desired, plan sponsors may provide a matching contribution. If certain conditions are met, the plan may choose to offer employees an opt-out withdrawal provision of up to 90 days after the payroll from which the first deduction was made. In this case, employee contribution refunds are not subject to the 20% mandatory withholding or 10% tax penalty for withdrawals prior to the age of 59½.
  • Auto Save
    TIAA-CREF’s Auto Save service enables you to automatically increase participant contribution rates in employer-sponsored retirement plans on an annual basis. While this feature is usually used in conjunction with Auto Enroll, employers may also offer this service to all participants in the plan. Auto Save helps boost contribution rates, making it easy for your employees to maximize their retirement savings over time. Employees wishing to opt out of this service may do so through salary reduction agreement elections.
  • Default Enrollment
    This service makes it possible for you to complete the enrollment process on the employee's behalf when the employee fails to provide investment instructions.

Default Account Administration (QDIAs)
Department of Labor (DOL) regulations provide fiduciary relief to plan sponsors who use a Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) as the plan default for contributions made on behalf of employees who do not make allocation decisions. TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Funds and TIAA Access Lifecycle Annuity Accounts are suitable qualified default investment options. The service also includes sample Initial and Annual Notices to satisfy plan sponsors’ requirements to provide employees with 30 days' notice prior to eligibility and provide eligible employees with an Annual Notice 30 days prior to the start of the plan year.

Vesting Services — Our services help plan sponsors streamline and simplify administration related to the calculation and reporting of vesting information.

  • Basic Service Vesting
    This service helps sponsors with delayed-vesting ERISA plans to comply with the reporting requirements of the 2006 Pension Protection Act (PPA) by providing each participant's vested percentage and vested balance on quarterly statements. Although the PPA requirements apply only to ERISA plans, the service is also available to non-ERISA plans.

Core Recordkeeping — From contributions to loans, distributions and other types of transactions, our platform provides the support and accuracy you need. We also offer industry-standard file transfer processes and information sharing consulting services for multi-vendor plans.

Plan Types — We support various Internal Revenue Code (IRC) retirement plan types.

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