How We Invest: Socially Responsible Investing


TIAA-CREF has a long-standing commitment to socially responsible investing (SRI) that is consistent with our nonprofit heritage and unwavering mission to serve those who serve the greater good.

Our SRI program combines three complementary strategies: social screening, shareholder advocacy and community investing. This globally integrated approach seeks to influence positive social change in the countries and communities in which we invest while helping our clients achieve their goal of a safe and secure retirement.

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GOAL: Provide competitive returns aligned with investors' values through comprehensively screened investment options that give special consideration to companies’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) records

GOAL: Promote long-term investment value by exercising our shareholder rights to influence the ESG policies of the companies in which we invest across the entire TIAA-CREF portfolio – not just in our socially screened offerings

GOAL: Deliver a combination of competitive returns and positive social impact through focused investment programs1

1 Currently funded through the TIAA General Account, and through targeted investments in the fixed-income portion of the CREF Social Choice Account, a variable annuity. The TIAA General Account is an insurance company account and is not an investment or security offering available to the public.

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