Supplier Diversity Program

 Our Supplier Diversity Program started in 1992 to build supplier relationships with minority and women-owned business enterprises. We look for diversity-owned businesses to provide products and services for our daily business operations and encourage competition among diverse and diversity-conscious suppliers. 

Our Supplier Diversity Program accepts certifications from the following categories.

  • Woman-Owned Business Enterprises (WBEs)
  • Minority-Owned Business Enterprises (MBEs)
  • Veteran-Owned and Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Enterprises  (VBEs) (DVBEs)
  • Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual & Transgender-Owned Businesses (GLBT)
  • Other certifications are considered on a case-by-case basis

TIAA-CREF Corporate Memberships
We seek to include one or more diversity-owned supplier in all bids or Request for Proposals (RFP’s). We actively participate in the following corporate memberships:

  •  National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC)
  •  Financial Services Roundtable for Supplier Diversity (FSRSD)
  •  Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)
  •  Carolina’s Minority Supplier Development Council (CMSDC)
  •  United States Veterans Chamber of Commerce (USVCC)

TIAA-CREF Tier II Diversity Reporting
Our Tier II Supplier Diversity Program encourages business relationships with non-diverse enterprises that extend opportunities to diverse suppliers within their own supplier base. We track and report on the diverse spend of top non-diverse enterprises enrolled in the program and partner with suppliers who demonstrate support of our supplier diversity goals.

Strategic Sourcing Requirements
Our Strategic Sourcing Department has dedicated staff in three primary locations – New York, Charlotte and Denver. Our Sourcing Managers offer a wide range of services that result in valuable relationships with various diverse and non-diverse suppliers.

We offer equal access and opportunities to diversity-owned businesses and to majority suppliers who support our Supplier Diversity Tier II objectives. This allows us to:

  • Identify and retain qualified diversity-owned businesses
  • Increase opportunities for diversity-owned businesses to build mutually advantageous business relationships with our organization
  • Include one or more diversity-owned suppliers in all bids or requests for proposals (RFPs)
  • Promote business opportunities between majority suppliers and diversity-owned businesses

Our Mission
To partner with diverse suppliers who provide competitive services and products.


Our commitment extends to all diversity-owned suppliers who have successfully demonstrated the agility to be competitive in their industry.

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