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At TIAA-CREF, we care for our employees like we care for the participants and clients we serve. In short, we live what we preach — that there should be a return on the investment people make in their careers. Intelligent work and dedication over the years deserves reward. We support the personal, professional and financial well-being of our employees with a highly competitive package of benefits.


Career Development

TIAA-CREF recognizes that the growth and development of our employees is directly linked to the company’s success and its ability to better support the goals of our clients and participants. We foster an environment that promotes career opportunities at every level and encourages employees to gain experience through various channels to further their careers and leverage their talents. We provide company-sponsored education, training and development programs to help employees take advantage of these opportunities. TIAA-CREF managers are responsible for nurturing their team members, providing career guidance and advocacy, encouraging an environment where career aspirations and plans are openly discussed, supporting mobility and identifying areas for further development.

TIAA-CREF offers employees the tools to help them succeed, including:

  • Exposure to a variety of developmental opportunities
  • Career events and workshops
  • Career development portal
  • Mentoring and job shadowing
  • Employee resource groups

TIAA-CREF is committed to expanding as an organization through the ongoing development of its dedicated employees. Through surveys, town hall meetings, dedicated mailboxes and more, we actively seek input from employees on the ways TIAA-CREF can continue to help them grow along with the organization.


Benefits Program

In order to attract and retain the most talented professionals, TIAA-CREF offers a Total Rewards Program. This comprehensive package rewards employees with base salary, performance-based discretionary bonuses, retirement and investment vehicles, as well as health and living well benefits. A key part of this package is our ability to help employees plan their financial future with the goal of achieving a secure retirement. Employees are eligible for many of the components of this package from their first day of employment.


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