CREF Board of Overseers

To ensure CREF's mission would be consistent with those of TIAA, the law establishing CREF required its members to be the same seven individuals as the TIAA Board of Overseers. Once CREF was registered as an investment company under the 1940 Investment Company Act, the responsibility for electing members of the CREF Board of Trustees shifted from the CREF Board of Overseers to CREF participants. Today the primary duties of the CREF Board of Overseers are to see that CREF adheres to its mission as defined in its charter, to schedule the annual meeting for the election of CREF's Board of Trustees, to define the voting rules, and to amend the CREF charter, constitution and bylaws, when necessary.

Overseers’ Bios

Molly C. Broad
CREF Overseer since 2009

Scott S. Cowen
CREF Overseer since 2010

Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.
CREF Overseer since 2008

Cleve L. Killingsworth
CREF Overseer since 2007

Michael S. McPherson
CREF Overseer since 2005

Alair A. Townsend
CREF Overseer since 2000

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