CREF Board of Trustees*

The CREF board of trustees oversees the management of CREF. The CREF board has ten trustees, none of whom are members of TIAA-CREF management. The CREF Board of Trustees consists entirely of independent trustees — people who are not executive officers or former employees of TIAA or CREF. As a matter of policy, the positions of Chairman of the CREF Board of Trustees and chief executive officer of CREF are held by different individuals.

Trustees’ Bios

Forrest Berkley
CREF Trustee since 2006

Nancy A. Eckl
CREF Trustee since 2007

Michael A. Forrester
CREF Trustee since 2007

Howell E. Jackson
CREF Trustee since 2005

Nancy L. Jacob
CREF Trustee since 1979

Thomas J. Kenny
CREF Trustee since 2011

Bridget A. Macaskill
CREF Trustee since 2003

James M. Poterba
CREF Trustee since 2006

Maceo K. Sloan
CREF Trustee since 1991

Laura T. Starks
CREF Trustee since 2006

* Also members of the TIAA-CREF Funds and TIAA-CREF Life Funds Boards, and the TIAA Separate Account VA-1 Management Committee.

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