Edward M. Hundert, M.D.

Chair, Customers and Products Committee
TIAA Trustee since 2005

Edward M. Hundert, M.D. Edward M. Hundert, 55, has been a senior lecturer in Medical Ethics since 2007 and a director of the Center for Teaching and Learning since 2011 at Harvard Medical School. He has also been an independent consultant for Huron Consulting Group since 2011. From 2008 to 2009, he was Vice President for University Initiatives at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. He serves as a scientific advisory board member of the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Law, Brain and Behavior, and is a member of TMC Group, LLC. Dr. Hundert earned a B.S. from Yale University, an M.A. from Oxford University, and an M.D. and psychiatry residency training from Harvard Medical School. Dr. Hundert provides experience in higher education and the medical services industry.

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