TIAA's Compensation Discussion and Analysis

The Human Resources Committee of TIAA’s Board of Trustees publishes, on an annual basis, TIAA's Compensation Discussion and Analysis (formerly known as the Executive Compensation Policy), which describes the executive compensation programs of TIAA and the TIAA Trustee compensation program. Although TIAA is not subject to the regulations governing public company executive compensation disclosure, we do so voluntarily for the benefit of TIAA’s participants.

TIAA’s compensation policies and programs are designed to enable the company to attract, retain, motivate and reward employees who possess the knowledge and experience we need to conduct our business. Furthermore, these policies and programs are designed and administered in a manner that aligns executive and employee pay with the interests of the Company's individual customers and institutional clients.

Consistent with our ongoing commitment to transparency and to operating in the interest of our participants, we are disclosing the employment agreement, including the compensation, for Roger W. Ferguson, Jr., President and CEO of TIAA and CREF.

TIAA Human Resources Committee

TIAA's Compensation Discussion and Analysis (PDF)

Download a copy of Mr. Ferguson’s Employment Agreement (PDF) and Compensation Update Letter. (PDF)

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