TIAA-CREF’s Ranking Rises in 2011 Lipper/Barron’s Fund Family Survey

TIAA-CREF is ranked 13th of 58 mutual fund families in terms of overall investment performance, according to the 2011 Lipper/Barron’s Mutual Fund Family Survey. The results appear in the February 6 edition of Barron’s, which was published online on February 4. Read the article here

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TIAA-CREF ranked #13 among 58 fund families and the TIAA-CREF Tax-Exempt Bond Fund (TIIRX) ranked #1 among 58 tax-exempt bond funds in the 2011 annual Lipper Barron’s fund family survey. The Lipper/Barron’s Fund Family survey uses an asset-weighted ranking system. Each fund’s return was measured against all those in its Lipper category, and the resulting percentile ranking was then weighted by asset size relative to the fund family’s other assets in its general category. The family’s overall ranking was then determined by weighting the five fund categories in proportion to their overall importance within Lipper’s fund universe. In the five-year overall ranking, TIAA-CREF is ranked 29th out of 53 mutual fund families. TIAA-CREF does not qualify for the 10-year ranking.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. TIAA-CREF products may be subject to market and other risk factors. See the applicable product literature, or visit for details.

The TIAA-CREF Tax-Exempt Bond Fund is subject to the risk that yields and market values of municipal securities may be more affected by changes in tax rates and policies than similar income-bearing taxable securities. Certain investors' incomes may be subject to the Federal Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) and taxable gains are also possible.

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