TIAA-CREF Earns ASPPA Certification for Recordkeeping Quality

New York, September 30, 2010

CEFEX, Centre for Fiduciary Excellence, has awarded TIAA-CREF the American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries (ASPPA) Recordkeeper Certification for the company’s adherence to excellence in retirement plan recordkeeping.

“The ASPPA certification validates our focus on quality and fiduciary support,” said Marv Adams, TIAA-CREF’s executive vice president for technology and operations. “It’s all the more meaningful to know that the seal of excellence which the certification confers reflects a comprehensive, independent review and an acknowledgement that we adhere to industry standards for quality.”

The ASPPA Recordkeeper Certification recognizes firms for their adherence to a standard of excellence and dedication to industry best practices. The review examines companies’ recordkeeping practices, human resources, financial history, and quality management systems, among other factors.

The certification program is run by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX), which maintains complete independence during the registration decision process. CEFEX awards the ASPPA Recordkeeper Certificate to those firms that successfully satisfy the audit criteria and meet best practices.

According to CEFEX, the certification provides assurance to fiduciaries and their stakeholders that TIAA-CREF has demonstrated adherence to the ASPPA Standard of Practice. The successful completion of the independent assessment is a significant indication of a firm’s accountability to its clients and that it is well-positioned to earn the public’s trust.

Roland|Criss, the auditor which performed the ASPPA certification assessment, noted that TIAA-CREF had a superior quality management system, offering the strongest fiduciary support safety.

TIAA-CREF ( is a national financial services organization with $410 billion in combined assets under management (as of 6/30/10) and the leading provider of retirement services in the academic, research, medical and cultural fields.

The American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries (ASPPA) is a national organization of more than 7,000 retirement plan and benefits professionals that serves as the educator, voice, and advocate for the employer-based retirement system. ASPPA members are administrators, actuaries, advisors, attorneys, accountants, and other financial services professionals who provide consulting and administrative services for qualified retirement plans.

The Centre for Fiduciary Excellence, LLC. is an independent certification organization. CEFEX works closely with industry experts to provide comprehensive assessment programs to improve the fiduciary practices of investment stewards, advisors, recordkeepers and managers. CEFEX has offices in Toronto, Canada, and Pittsburgh, PA.

About Roland|Criss
Roland|Criss is a national firm that conducts assessments against relevant fiduciary practices for pension plans, foundations, and endowments. The goal of an assessment is to provide confident assurance to fiduciary organizations that their practices are in harmony with pension laws, trust statutes, and industry best practices.

Roland|Criss also evaluates the practices of firms that provide support services to fiduciary organizations and is the global leader in certification assessments for CEFEX. Pension plan sponsors and foundations are required by various laws to prudently select and monitor vendors of support services. Roland|Criss’s assessments, combined with CEFEX’s certifications, help investment advisors, recordkeepers, and investment managers prove they conform to the highest standard of fiduciary support excellence.

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