New Video from TIAA-CREF Shows Investors How to Get the Most from Financial Advice

New York, October 28, 2010

TIAA-CREF, the leading provider of financial services for the academic, research, medical and nonprofit fields, today introduced the next installment in a series of “how to” videos that aim to demystify saving and help more people get started or map out a financial plan. The new video, How to Prepare for a Financial Advice Session, reviews the simple steps to take to get the most from a professional advice session. See it here.

“The biggest challenge to realizing your financial goals is knowing where to begin,” said Jane Magpiong, TIAA-CREF’s Head of Wealth Management. “A trusted advisor whose recommendations are based on your best interests can help make your money work harder for you and get you on the right path. Our new video outlines the simple steps to get started based on the success of our own participants. The majority of TIAA-CREF participants who go through one of our advice sessions are better prepared to achieve their goals by either saving more or improving the diversification of their portfolio.”

Getting the most from your financial advisor
Investors who plan to meet with a financial advisor can take advantage of the following checklist to get the most from their appointment.

  • Give some thought to your financial objectives prior to meeting with your advisor. Consider both your saving and investment goals, including when you plan to withdraw the money you put away.
  • Gather records on any stocks, bonds, real estate, other investments or life insurance you own. Make copies of all recent financial statements.
  • Think about your retirement goals, including the age you hope to retire, sources of income you may be able to live on, such as a pension or Social Security, and what standard of living you hope to maintain when you’re no longer working
  • Consider your risk tolerance when it comes to investing your money. Are you willing to risk losing money in exchange for the possibility of earning more? If so, how much are you willing to lose?
  • Once you’ve figured out your financial goals and risk tolerance, seek the advice of a licensed financial advisor who is objective. You want to be sure that any recommendations are based on your best interests, not theirs.
  • After your meeting, ask the advisor for a personalized report that recommends saving and investment strategies that will help you meet your goals. Then put that advice into action. You can always make adjustments later, if you financial situation changes.

To view other installments in TIAA-CREF’s new video series, including “How to Plan for your Financial Future,” click here.

TIAA-CREF ( is a national financial services organization with $434 billion in combined assets under management (as of 9/30/10) and provides retirement services to the academic, research, medical and cultural fields.

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