Media Alert: How to Get the Most from Your Retirement Plan

New York, November 8, 2010

Are you getting the most out of your employer’s retirement program?
New video from TIAA-CREF Demystifies Employer-based Retirement Programs

What: The latest in the educational “Savings Simplifier” video series by TIAA-CREF launched today. The two-minute video “How to Get the Most from Your Employer’s Retirement Plan,” offers five simple steps to empower people to maximize the benefits of the retirement programs offered by employers.

Why: A recent TIAA-CREF survey revealed that an alarming 20 percent of Americans are unsure not only of how much they should be contributing, but also of whether they are contributing to their retirement program at all.

The video series and survey, designed to demystify some of the challenges faced in retirement planning, are part of TIAA-CREF’s “Become Your Future You” campaign. The initiative urges people to think about their futures, how they must plan to achieve their goals and how TIAA-CREF can help them pursue those goals.

Where: The videos are available on and

When: The video is part of the “Savings Simplifier” series that features six animated videos and shares practical retirement planning, saving and investing advice.


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