By Month Nine

Complete Estate Settlement

Perhaps you won’t be involved in settling an estate. However, if you are involved, there are usually only a few details left by the ninth month after the death. The most important is to file and pay estate and gift taxes, if required.

The Future

Right now, the future may seem very far away. When you’re grieving, feeling emotionally off balance, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by practical matters that need attention. Try to take things one step at a time. Focus on what needs to be done right away, today; and then tomorrow; and then the day after. Before too long, the list of things to do will look more and more manageable.

While we’ve tried to address most of what needs to be done after a loved one dies, many situations will be unique. For more detailed guidance on what to do after a death, you may want to seek legal or other professional advice.

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