Proceeds Plus Through TIAA

Beneficiaries of proceeds under a TIAA life insurance policy may select from a number of different settlement options, including the "one sum" option, which provides the beneficiary the proceeds due in a single-sum payment. Under this option, claim amounts of less than $5,000 are issued by check from TIAA to the beneficiary for the amount due.

Claims of $5,000 or more will be handled through an interest-bearing Proceeds Plus account, established by TIAA in the name of the beneficiary. Upon settlement of the claim, the beneficiary will receive a Proceeds Plus checkbook, and may access the death benefit proceeds immediately by check. Checks may be written for any amount up to entire balance of the account.

For questions regarding Proceeds Plus, please call 800 842-2776.

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If you are a Proceeds Plus account holder and do not know your ID or password, please call 800 343-2551.

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