Disclaiming Inherited IRAs
If you're in line to inherit an IRA from a spouse or other relative but don't need the money and want to pass it on to the existing beneficiaries, here's how to do it.

IRA Charitable Distributions
If you're an IRA owner over age 70½ who wishes to give money to charity, you can now make tax-free IRA distributions of up to $100,000 to public charities. Learn the facts.

Estate Planning 101: Fitting Your Assets into Your Estate Plan (PDF)
Retirement makes you rethink almost every aspect of your life, including your estate plan.

Gifts to Individuals Can Benefit Your Estate (PDF)
2007 highlights of ways to make gifts to individuals that are free of the federal gift tax.

Estate Planning Scenarios for the Single Person (PDF)
Estate planning scenarios for single people.

Building Your Legacy — Developing an Estate Plan (PDF)
Everyone needs a solid estate plan. This booklet guides you through the basics.

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Saving for retirement

Building your legacy

Living well in retirement

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