The TIAA-CREF Savings Simplifier

With TIAA-CREF's free Savings Simplifier iPhone App, you can up your financial savvy, track your investments, and get tips on ways to save for your retirement – whenever you need it, wherever you are.

  • Accounts
  • Retirement Projector
  • Whats Worth
  • Accounts

ACCOUNTS Stay connected to your financial goals whenever you are by logging into your account. 

  • View your most up-to-date retirement account balances and holdings
  • Access key information on your other TIAA-CREF accounts, such as Brokerage and Mutual Funds
  • Secure Login
  • Accounts
  • Retirement Account

FINANCIAL IQ Use these tools to up your financial savvy, determine how much you need for retirement, and find ways to save. 

  • Money Smarts – Take a timed, ten-question quiz to test your savings prowess. Then get the facts in order to grow your money smarts and save more!
  • What’s it Worth – See how much money you could be saving by cutting out an everyday expense—like that latte!—and investing the money in an account that can grow.
  • Retirement Projector – Find out how to save for the kind of retirement you want. Try out different scenarios and see which works for you.
  • Fast Money Tips – Need a quick tip? Shake your iPhone to learn about another way to save money!
  • Retirement Projector
  • Whats Worth
  • Fast Money Tips

TRACKER Instantly track how TIAA-CREF investments are performing in the market. 

  • Find out how your TIAA-CREF investments are doing in the market wherever and whenever you want.
  • Create a customized list to make it easy to check at the tap of a screen.
  • Tracker
  • Fund Details

INSIGHTS Get the latest news and market insights from TIAA-CREF advisors no matter where you are.

  • Listen to podcasts on the go from TIAA-CREF’s advisors.
  • Read our news feed to keep up-to-date on market trends.
  • Insights

CONTACT Use any of iPhone’s features to talk to a non-commissioned TIAA-CREF consultant* and get honest, objective advice.

  • Call a consultant at the tap of a screen.
  • Schedule a time for a consultant to call you.
  • Send a quick message.
  • Locate a TIAA-CREF financial center near where you are.
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* TIAA-CREF compensates the consultants through a salary-plus-incentive program based on client service excellence and financial results. Consultants will only recommend products that help achieve our clients' goals.

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