Commissions & Fees Schedule


Online* Equity trades – $19.95
Clients with TIAA-CREF brokerage assets over $500,000 – $15.95
Automated Telephone System (ATS) $35
Client Service Assistance
800 927-3059
Foreign securities $75 for each order (not applicable to American Depositary Receipts) + commission

Equity Notes:

  • Fees shown reflect stock prices greater than $1 per share. Orders to buy shares priced under $1 will not be accepted.
  • Orders to sell shares priced under $1 are handled via Client Service Assistance at $19.95 per transaction.
  • The lower fee is based on a household asset balance of $500,000 held in Brokerage Services. Contact a TIAA-CREF Brokerage Consultant regarding householding eligibility.

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Bonds & CDs

Bonds and CDs are available via Client Service Assistance. Please call 800 927-3059 for more information.

U.S. Treasury Securities

New issues (at auction) $50 per transaction
Existing issues $1 per $1,000 face amount, $50 minimum
Municipal bonds, government agency bonds, unlisted (over-the-counter, or OTC) corporate bonds and mortgage-backed securities $50 + $2 per bond

Certificates of Deposit

New issues Purchase minimums of $5,000, no commission (interest rate reflects issuing bank's fee)
Sale before maturity $35 per transaction (actual value may be less than par due to early redemption)

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Online Automated Telephone System (ATS): 800 842-2252 Client Service Assistance:
800 927-3059
$19.95 + $2.00 per contract $35 + $2.00 per contract $55 + $2.50 per contract

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Mutual Funds

No-transaction-fee (NTF) funds
  • Minimum initial investment for most funds: $2,500 for non-retirement accounts and $500 for IRAs. Subsequent investment: $500 for each
  • Transaction fee: $35 for trades not meeting the minimum investment (Initial and Subsequent)
  • Short-term redemption fee: $50 minimum for shares held less than six months (waived for shares transferred from another brokerage firm or financial institution)
  • Dollar-cost averaging transactions: no fee; minimum transaction $100
Transaction-fee (TF) funds
  • Transaction fee: $35 per trade regardless of order size
  • Minimum initial and additional investments typically based on amount listed in the fund's prospectus
  • Dollar-cost averaging transactions: no fee; minimum transaction $100
  • Exchanges: $8 per trade regardless of order size

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Account Maintenance Fees

Annual account maintenance fee

TIAA-CREF Brokerage Account - $30, waived for IRA, CSA Silver, Gold and Platinum accounts

TIAA-CREF Self-Directed Brokerage Account within an Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan $40
(remaining fees do not apply to this account)

Foreign Security Receive and Deliver Fee $75
Safekeeping fee for Physical Securities $2 per account, per position, per month
Wired funds fee $25
Overnight check delivery fee $12
NSF/Return check deposit fee $25
Duplicate statements or confirms $2.50 per copy or $30 for full year
Margin extensions $15
Transfers - GNMA, Restricted, Legal $65 per transfer
Transfers - register & ship $80 per transfer
Transfers - outgoing account $50 per transfer
Transfers - accommodation $80 per transfer
Reorganizations - voluntary $25
Post effective requests - voluntary $75
Account research $20 per hour
Stop payment order fee $15

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Cash Solutions Account (CSA)

Annual account fee

Silver: $25
Gold: $65
Platinum: $110

*Silver Tier annual fee is waived for accounts that have $25,000 or more in average month-end closing cash sweep balances.

Returned check or Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction (for any reason) $25
Stop payment order fee $25 (free for Platinum Tier)
Lost or stolen checkbook $25
Checkbook reorder (CSA) Silver: $15; Gold: $10; Platinum: Free
Copy of canceled checks $2.50 per copy
ATM Out-of-Network Reimbursement Silver: N/A
Gold: Up to $5/month
Platinum: Up to $10/month

Note: No charge for access at over 6,500 PNC ATMs and 43,000 Allpoint Network (Gold: up to $1500 daily; Platinum: up to $3000 daily); other banks may charge a fee for out-of-network transactions. ATM card is not available with a Silver account.

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TIAA-CREF Brokerage Services, a division of TIAA-CREF Individual & Institutional Services, LLC, members FINRA and SIPC, reserves the right to change this commission and fee schedule without prior notice.

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