Cash Solutions Account

TIAA-CREF Brokerage Services offers the Cash Solutions Account (CSA), a comprehensive cash management solution that has all of the features of a standard brokerage account, plus:

  • Unlimited checkwriting
  • A Visa® Debit Card (Gold and Platinum tiers)
  • Bill Payment through BillSuite(TM)

The Cash Solutions Account has three different levels: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Eligibility, features and costs differ for each level.

 Fees Silver Tier Gold Tier Platinum Tier

 Annual Fees $25 $65 $110
 Initial check order (includes  checkbook cover, check register,  deposit tickets and 40 checks) Free Free Free
 Check Reorder $15 $10 Free
 Business Style Checks - initial   order, includes binder $60 $60 $60
 Business Style Check Reorder $50 $50 $50
 Stop Payments (on checks) $25 $25 Free
 Lost or stolen check book  replacement $25 $25 $25
 Returned check or Automated  Clearing House (ACH) transaction  (for any reason) $25 $25 $25
 Copy of cancelled check or Visa  draft   $2.50 per copy $2.50 per copy $2.50 per copy
 Bill payment through BillSuite Free Free Free
  Note: Silver Tier annual fee is waived for accounts that have $25,000 or more in average month end closing cash sweep balances.    


 Features   Silver Tier Gold Tier Platinum Tier

 RewardSuite - optional for Gold   and Platinum   No Yes Yes
 RewardSuite Loyalty program   N/A 1 point / $1.00 1.5 points / $1.00
 Concierge Service for RewardSuite   - flexible travel rewards with no  blackout dates, Saturday stay  restrictions, or 21-day advance  booking requirements   N/A N/A Free
 ATM Out of Network  Reimbursement   NA Up to $5 per month Up to $10 per month
 24/7 voice response service and  Live customer service Mon-Fri     8:30 am - 6:00 pm ET. U.S. 800 547-7008  - this service is specific to Cash  Solutions accounts.   Yes Yes Yes
 Unlimited Checkwriting   Yes Yes Yes
 Debit Visa® Card - Optional for  Gold Tier Ability to do both PIN and  Signature based transactions,  including a unique card number and  PIN for each card holder.   No Yes Yes
 No charge access at over 6,500   PNC ATMs and 43,000 Allpoint  Network   No Up to $1500 Daily Up to $3000 Daily
 Online check image retrieval   Yes Yes Yes
 PIN and Signature based   transaction capabilities - prior  product was signature only.   NA Yes Yes
 CSA Checks - Overnight Delivery   $20 $20 $20
 Cash Advance   NA .25% of transaction .25% of transaction
 Visa daily limit on Point-of-Sale  transactions   NA Available cash balance up to $25,000 Available cash balance up to $30,000

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Brokerage accounts are carried by Pershing, LLC, a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Company, Inc. Member FINRA, NYSE,SIPC.

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