IRA Rollover Comparison

TIAA-CREF has rollover solutions to help you make the most of your retirement savings. While all of our IRAs offer a broad range of investment choices, there are some distinct differences between them. Review the various options below to determine which TIAA-CREF IRA is right for you.

  Minimum Investment Investment Style Guaranteed Retirement Income Eligibility Restriction Choose If...
Brokerage Services IRA $2,500 Self-Directed No No You're comfortable managing your own investments and you want more investment choices for your account.
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Portfolio Advisor IRA $50,000 Unique Professional Management No No You want professional help and a portfolio tailored to your goals and what’s important to you.
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Investment Solutions IRA $0 Self-Directed Yes Yes*
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You value access to exclusive TIAA-CREF funds with the potential to create guaranteed income when you retire.
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*Some TIAA-CREF products and services, like the Investment Solutions IRA, are only available to employees and retirees (and their spouses) of nonprofit colleges and universities, public and private nonprofit elementary and secondary schools, teaching hospitals, museums, libraries and other nonprofit institutions. Learn more.

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