Professional Management with TIAA-CREF Portfolio Advisor


If you’re looking for personalized management of your retirement savings, rolling over to a Portfolio Advisor IRA may be right for you.

The Portfolio Advisor program professionally manages your portfolio using a strategy customized to your individual goals and what’s important to you. Portfolio Advisor follows a disciplined management process, on your behalf, that includes:

  • Security selection, ongoing review and, if necessary, position replacement
  • Asset allocation across multiple asset classes
  • Rebalancing of your portfolio to maintain consistent asset allocation over time

The process starts with a deep understanding of your investment goals and needs, which you’ll review with a TIAA-CREF Advisor. Based on this understanding, disciplined research, and careful asset selection, TIAA-CREF designs your portfolio for you.

Your portfolio will be monitored and adjusted automatically to keep it on track - saving you time, research and worry. Detailed quarterly reports help you track your progress towards yours goals.

The Portfolio Advisor program can be an ideal way to simplify your financial life.

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