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Investing in mutual funds – in addition to contributing to your retirement plan – can help you reach your retirement goals.

Keep Your Retirement Savings Growing
Mutual funds can be a great way to add to your retirement contributions. If you’ve already maxed out contributions to both your company retirement plan and your tax-deferred investment options, mutual funds can keep your nest egg growing. And since there’s no early withdrawal penalty, you’ll have the flexibility to access your money when you need it.

Put Savings Goals Within Reach
You can use mutual funds to save for a variety of long or short-term goals. Whether you’re saving for a car, home, or vacation, or just want to create an emergency fund, mutual funds can help you reach those goals. Just decide how much you want to save and when you’ll need to use the money. If you’re trying to boost your retirement savings, mutual funds can be a smart solution. For short-term goals of one to three years, low-risk money market mutual funds offer moderate returns and more liquidity. Of course, no investment method can ensure a profit or protect against loss.

A Smart Way to Save for College
Did you know mutual funds offer several smart ways to save for college? Open a regular account in your name for your child’s education. Or put up to $12,000 a year into a custodial account under your child’s name and avoid federal gift taxes. Another option is to open a tax-advantaged Coverdell Education Savings Account and contribute up to $2,000 after-tax dollars each year.

How to Choose Funds
Not sure which funds are right for you? Follow these simple steps to find mutual funds that match your objectives.

Step 1: Decide when you expect to access the money in your investments. This is referred to as your time horizon.

Step 2: Determine your level of risk tolerance so you can choose funds that make you comfortable.

Step 3: Select the funds that meet your criteria by exploring what we have to offer. Our funds have a history of solid performance.

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