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Planning for the impact that taxes will have to your portfolio is an important element of your overall investment strategy. The tax information presented here may be helpful for your tax planning now and in the future. It is general in nature, and you should consult with a professional tax advisor to help assess your personal situation.

Cost Basis Reporting
Cost basis is generally the price you paid for your shares, adjusted for reinvested dividends, returns of capital, and certain corporate actions. Cost basis is an important calculation used to determine gains and losses on any shares you sell in a taxable (non-retirement) account.

You will need this information to prepare your tax return. Cost Basis is not a measure of performance. Learn more

Mutual Fund Distributions
Dividend and capital gain distributions are paid by TIAA-CREF funds throughout the year.

Fund Specific Tax Information for Shareholders
Tax Information letters contain information about TIAA-CREF funds that shareholders may need to prepare federal and state income tax returns.

2011 Tax Information Letters: Retail Class Funds

Retirement Tax Considerations
TIAA-CREF can help you understand if you are eligible to defer taxes now, and how to defer taxes every year until retirement.

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