Keogh plans funded through TIAA-CREF are currently available in every state except Oregon.

You are eligible for a Keogh from TIAA-CREF if you are:

  • An employee, retiree1, or trustee of any eligible institution. An eligible institution is an organization that meets our criteria to offer TIAA-CREF-funded retirement plans, regardless of whether TIAA-CREF currently administers their plan. Examples include nonprofit colleges and universities, public and private elementary and secondary schools, teaching hospitals, museums, libraries, and certain other nonprofit institutions. Government entities, including political subdivisions and instrumentalities of a local, state, or federal government are also eligible.
  • An existing participant in an employer-sponsored retirement plan with TIAA-CREF, or you own an individual insurance contract through TIAA. Ownership of products issued by other TIAA-CREF companies (such as TIAA-CREF Life Insurance Company) does not apply. For further information, please call 800 842-2888.
  • The spouse or domestic partner of someone listed above.

For Partnerships Only:

To be eligible to open a Keogh with TIAA-CREF, at least half of the partners must meet the criteria above. In addition, the partnership must be primarily engaged in education or research. Keogh contributions must be aggregated with "403(b)" annuity contributions for an owner of more than 50% of a business that sponsors the Keogh plan. To determine if your partnership is eligible, please complete a Partnership Eligibility Questionnaire (PDF). Send your completed form, along with any partnership documents that describe the nature of your business, to the address on the form.

Keogh annuity contract form series G1350. Not available in all states.

1 A retired employee is anyone with at least three years total tenure at any eligible institution, or, who worked for any eligible institution as a full-time employee while at least 55 years of age or older. (This definition of retiree is being used solely for the determination of eligibility for these contracts.)

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