TIAA-CREF Investment Horizon Annuity®


An annuity that provides a safe way to guarantee returns and save more for retirement

  • A guaranteed1 fixed rate of return
    Your money is protected from market volatility while it grows at a guaranteed rate.
  • Competitive interest rates
    Check out our current rates.
  • Tax-deferred earnings
    Pay no taxes on your earnings until you begin withdrawing2 your money — allowing more of your money to remain invested and working for you.
  • A choice of 10 guarantee periods
    Lock in your interest rate for a given time period with either a single guarantee period, or as many as you need to fit your retirement planning needs.

This product may be right for you if you are concerned about:

  • Losing value on your investments as you get closer to retirement
  • Paying taxes on your earnings while you are still saving
  • Market volatility
  • Outliving your retirement savings

Not available in all states. Find a policy in your state.

Download the TIAA-CREF Investment Horizon Annuity brochure (PDF).

Read the Prospectus.

  • Virtually unlimited contributions
    Unlike IRAs and employer-sponsored retirement plans, there are virtually no contribution3 limits.
  • No mandatory withdrawals until age 90
    Keep assets growing tax deferred past typical 70½ deadline in retirement plans and IRAs.
  • Variety of distribution options (including lifetime income)
    Assets can be distributed in a variety of ways to customize your income to meet your specific needs:

    • Lifetime income: Pays a level income as long as you and/or your spouse live.
    • Fixed-period income: Pays a level income for a fixed period not less than two years or more than 30. (Note: not available in all states - check for details)
    • Lump sum: If you want your money all at once.

      If you withdraw4 assets before the end of the guarantee period, your distribution will be subject to taxes, a surrender charge and market value adjustment which can be positive or negative.

      See how a surrender charge and market value adjustment might impact your withdrawal (PDF).

A $25 charge will be applied on the contract anniversary date if the contract value is less than $25,000. A $25 charge will also apply if the entire contract is withdrawn and the contract value is less than $25,000.

1 All guarantees are based upon TIAA-CREF Life's claims paying ability.

2 Taxable amounts received prior to 59½ may be subject to a 10% penalty.

3 Some restrictions may apply.

4 For any lump-sum withdrawal from the annuity, federal income tax law requires that any tax-deferred earnings must be withdrawn first, followed by principal. If you own multiple annuity contracts issued by the same company during the same calendar year, then all the contracts are treated as one.

The TIAA-CREF Investment Horizon Annuity (contract form series TCL-MVA1), is issued by TIAA-CREF Life Insurance Company (TIAA-CREF Life), 730 Third Ave., New York, NY 10017.

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5-Year Fixed Term* Deposit Rate


as of 8/01/2012

Fixed term rates, performance and disclosure.


*TIAA-CREF Investment Horizon Annuity. Not available in all states. Read the prospectus (PDF) carefully before investing.

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