Fixed-Period Payments From an RA/GRA

Complete this form to receive income over a fixed period of time from your Retirement Annuity (RA) or Group Retirement Annuity (GRA). At the end of the period selected, your income will stop.

If you're setting up fixed-period income of less than 10 years, the withdrawal you're requesting can be rolled over into another eligible retirement plan. For this reason, we are required to explain the tax-favored rollover options available to you. Please print and read the IRS Notice (PDF) or call us for a copy.

Identify the appropriate form below to print and mail your request. The form you use depends on your plan and the institution through which you signed up for that plan.

If your Institution is: Use this form:

(not sure?)

Fixed-Period Payments From an RA/GRA (PDF)

(not sure?)

Fixed-Period Payments From an RA/GRA (PDF)

If this withdrawal is being made to satisfy Required Minimum Distributions, please complete this form along with the withdrawal form.

Minimum Distribution (PDF)

If you have questions or need help selecting the correct form, call us at 1 800 842-2776.

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