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Things to consider:

  • If you have retirement plan loans with other carriers, you must provide the remaining loan balance and any defaulted amount on the loan application.  Be sure to carefully review the loan worksheet section about the consequences of defaulting on a loan.
  • You can repay your loan monthly or quarterly. To repay monthly, you must sign up for Automatic Remittance so we can automatically debit your checking/savings account on the payment due date.
  • You can select a term of more than five years only if you are using the loan to buy a primary residence.
  • Once you log in we will let you know if you need to complete an unmarried determination or spousal waiver.
  • If you're married, your spouse must sign this request before a notary public or plan representative on the same or later date than when you sign it.  
  • If you can't print right away after you e-sign, you can access the spousal waiver online for up to 30 days.
  • Once you have the necessary signed authorizations, you'll need to print and fax the completed form to us.
  • Once you've provided all required information, click I Agree to submit your loan so it can be processed.

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