Downloading Account Information With Quicken 2008 or Newer For Mac

To download your account transaction with Quicken for Mac, you must have Internet access. In addition, to complete setting up your Quicken accounts with transaction download you will need to log into your account.

Important Note
Quicken for Mac does not:

  • Use placeholders to adjust your cost basis
  • Account for beginning balances
  • Calculate TIAA Traditional Annuity interest

As a result, you will need to have your account balances available from a prior point in time. You can get this information from your Quarterly Review.

The “as of” date on your statement will be your starting point for the download from the TIAA-CREF website. Once you accept all transactions into Quicken, you’ll enter a manual balance adjustment (explained in Step 2), adding all balance information from this date.

1. Check for the latest program updates

From the Quicken menu, select Check for Updates and follow the on-screen instructions.

2. Set up a Quicken Account and download transactions for the first time

The following steps explain how to create a new Quicken account for Web Connect online access.

A. In Quicken, create a new file to accept account information.

  • Click File, then click New File and follow the prompts, selecting TIAA-CREF from the institution drop-down menu.
  • Select Set up online (Recommended). This will open up a browser window and bring you to the TIAA-CREF account log in page.

B. Log into your TIAA-CREF account.

  • Select a download going back to the date you have obtained balance information for.
  • Download the Web Connect file (.qfx file extension) and save it to your desktop.

C. Return to Quicken.

  • From the File menu, select Import - Web Connect.
  • Locate the Web Connect (.qfx file) file you just saved to your desktop and click Open.
  • When the Select Account to Enable window appears, click the Create a new account radio button and type a name for the account, then click OK.* This process must be done for all accounts you own.
  • Your downloaded transactions are displayed in the Download Transactions window.
    • For each account in the drop-down menu, click Accept All and then Record.
    • Close the Download Transactions window.

* Note: You only need to select the account for this first download. After the account is activated for Web Connect account access, future downloads will download to this account automatically.

D. Go to Quicken’s Register.

Quicken for Mac displays Cash Balance for every transaction in the register. It summarizes Cash Balance for all transactions to display its own register balance. This information (Quicken for Mac register Balance) can be eliminated by adding one offsetting transaction to the Quicken for Mac register.

  • Click the last blank transaction in the register, select MISC from the drop-down menu/Action column and add offsetting transaction into either Cash In or Cash Out column (depending on the register Cash Balance signage). This should bring the Cash Balance to 0.
  • Manually enter a beginning date and balance for each account. You can get this information from the Quarterly Report or other TIAA-CREF statement that you have.
  • Enter information as follows:
    • Date: This is the “as of” date on your report or other supporting document
    • Type: Choose Deposit from the drop-down menu
    • Payee/Category: Balance adjustment
    • Cash In: Total balance from your report or other supporting document

3. Download Data to Your Existing Quicken Account

  • From the Online menu, select Download Transactions.
  • Choose TIAA-CREF from the Financial Institution menu.
  • Choose your account name from the Account menu.
  • Click Download. Quicken will launch your default browser and take you to TIAA-CREF’s website.
  • Log into your account and download the Web Connect file (.qfx file extension). Quicken will automatically locate the file on your desktop and display the downloaded data from this file in the Download Transactions window.

4. Work with Your Downloaded Transactions

  • Select each transaction that you want to add to your register. You can hold down the Command key and click additional transactions to select multiple transactions. If you make a mistake and want to deselect a transaction, click it again.
  • Click Accept to record the selected transactions, or Accept All to record all transactions. The accepted items are added to your register, marked C (cleared) and removed from the transaction list.

5. TIAA Traditional Account Holders

Quicken for Mac does not calculate interest earned. Therefore, you will need to create an interest adjustment in your register as part of each download, as follows:

  • Date: Current date of download
  • Type: Deposit
  • Payee/Category: Interest adjustment
  • Cash In: This amount will be the difference between your current TIAA Traditional accumulation for the account and what is provided in the register


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