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If you are investing in mutual funds, read the Intermediary Frequent Trading Policy (PDF).


During the early choice window, between April 1 and May 5, you can complete an Early Choice Salary Reduction Agreement Complete a Salary Reduction Agreement for the University of Massachusetts 403(b) Plan (PDF) to select TIAA as a retirement provider and indicate the percentage of your existing biweekly deferral you wish to contribute to the Plan at TIAA. The form should be returned to TIAA during one-on-one appointments. To make an appointment visit www.tiaa.org/schedulenow.


Once you have completed Early Choice Salary Reduction Agreement, you can log into your TIAA account and make your investment selections from the new investment menu. If no new investment selections are made, your contributions will be directed to the default investment option chosen by your Plan which is the CREF Social Choice account. If you would like to enroll with TIAA for the first time, you may do so by following the instructions below.


Have the following information available before you enroll online:

  • Your investment allocation amounts/percentages for your investment choices.
  • Your Social Security number.
  • Your beneficiary's Social Security number, birth date and address.

To enroll in a plan online, click the plan name below:


Follow these instructions to enroll using a paper form:

  1. Download your enrollment materials from the appropriate link(s) below:
    • Complete and sign the forms.
    • Mail the forms to:

      Treasurer's Office
      University of Massachusetts
      Attention: 403(b) Plan Administrator
      Central Administrative Service
      333 South Street, Suite 450
      Shrewsbury, MA 01545-4176

NOTE: Your enrollment is not finished until you also download, complete and submit the required Salary Reduction Agreement.