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If you are investing in mutual funds, read the Intermediary Frequent Trading Policy (PDF).


Have the following information available before you enroll online:

  • Your investment allocation amounts/percentages for your investment choices.
  • Your Social Security number.
  • Your beneficiary's Social Security number, birth date and address.

To enroll in a plan online, click the plan name below:

  • Employee Plan Contributions - All employees are immediately eligible to contribute to this plan. Saint Louis University 403(b) Retirement Plan
  • Employer Plan Contributions - After one year of continuous service, (at least 1,000 hours), the University will contribute to this plan. PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST BE ENROLLED IN THE EMPLOYEE PLAN LISTED ABOVE TO RECEIVE AN EMPLOYER CONTRIBUTION.  If you have met the requirement of one year of continuous service and you are not enrolled in the Employee Plan listed above, please enroll in both plans at this time. Saint Louis University Retirement Plan
The University's contribution is based on the employee’s contribution. Read more in the plan details section of the Saint Louis University Retirement Plan.